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Winter Road Network

In order to ensure suitable safety and traffic conditions even during the winter period in the presence of adverse weather conditions, the Company has organised the winter maintenance service.

Ice and frost formation prevention interventions use specific equipment to spread the appropriate road fluxes, such as sodium or calcium chloride, according to pre-established procedures.

The Italian Highway Code stipulates that the Italian Road and Motorway Concessionaires must take specific measures to ensure traffic safety, avoiding the creation of hazardous situations (Art. 5).

The obligation is set out in the ordinance issued (and updated every year) – based on Article 6(e) of the Italian Highway Code, Italian Legislative Decree no. 285 of 30/11/92, amended by Italian Law no. 120 of 29 July 2010) and valid for all motor vehicles (Title 3 Chapter I Art. 46 et seq.), which must have snow chains on board or, alternatively, be fitted with winter tyres or other non-slip equipment suitable for immediate use, if necessary.

Mandatory winter tyres or snow chain on board signs have a picture of a tyre with chains and the words “obbligo di pneumatici invernali o catene a bordo” (obligation for winter tyres or chains on board).

If the stretch is subject to this obligation, these signs are placed at the entrance and along the motorway.

According to agreements with the Italian Ministry for the Interior, checks are carried out by the Traffic Police, in accordance with the rules and regulations in force.

Fines for non-compliance with the ordinance are governed in Article 6(14) of the Italian Highway Code and range from a minimum of € 80 to a maximum of € 318.

The Italian Highway Code – Chapter III, Articles 46, 47 and 53 – also contains sections entirely dedicated to the characteristics and definition of vehicles subject to the obligation.

The Italian Highway Code (Articles 11 and 12) also determines who is responsible for the checks and the fines adopted in the event of non-compliance.

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