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Inter-agency Emergency Plan

The Legislative Decree 264 of 5/10/2006 on safety measures for tunnels of the trans-European network introduces, in annex 4, the notion of “safety documentation”.

In particular, the aforementioned Decree provides for the drafting of “an emergency management plan drawn up in collaboration with the emergency services that takes into account users, emergency services personnel, as well as persons with reduced mobility and disabled persons”.

The purpose of this emergency plan is to provide a useful tool in the risk forecast and damage prevention phase by planning the technological and human resources available, in the face of an event capable of altering the usual safety and mobility characteristics of the motorway artery (with particular reference to fires in tunnels).

This plan, in accordance with the aforementioned regulations, takes into consideration the operations useful to guarantee the safety of traffic, the safety of people (users and emergency services personnel), taking into consideration that there may be people with reduced mobility and disabled people in the accident scenario.

Last update: 12/07/2024