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Operations Control Centre – A12 Stretch (with A11 and A15)

Lido di Camaiore (LU) Operations Control Centre
(for emergencies only)
Tel. +39 0584 909.401-402

Operations Control Centre – A10 Stretch

Imperia Operations Control Centre
(for emergencies only)
Tel. +39 0183 7075330

Mechanical Rescue

In the event of a breakdown or accident on the Concessioni del Tirreno network, the operators at the Operations Control Centre can be contacted using the SOS telephones. The operators will activate the following services:

If you are forced to stop on the motorway for any emergency, always remember to move your vehicle as far away from traffic as possible by reaching a service area, car park or lay-by.

If it is impossible to continue to the safest points, move your vehicle to the right and, if there is an emergency lane, beyond the continuous white line.

After clearly signalling your vehicle (switch on hazard lights and place the warning triangle at least 150 metres away), walk to the nearest SOS telephone.

Requests for assistance can be made at the SOS telephones located on each carriageway at a maximum distance of approximately two kilometres apart. Each SOS telephone has a front panel containing instructions for requesting assistance in Italian, English, French and German, as well as three buttons with a symbol for the type of assistance required (Medical, Mechanical, Fire Brigade).

The SOS telephone can be used to communicate in real time with the Concessioni del Tirreno Operations Control Centres. Once the operator has acquired all the information necessary to identify the SOS telephone and the type of assistance required, the operator will dispatch the necessary vehicle(s) and staff.

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Last update: 08/07/2024