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Safety and Driving Licence Points

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Safety and Driving Licence Points

In compliance with the rules of the Italian Highway Code, all users must drive responsibly and carefully, thus contributing to the quality of the service. In particular:

  • Travel on the right lane. Use the left lane for overtaking only;
  • Always keep a safe distance. Keep your headlights on;
  • In the event of a breakdown, never stop in a tunnel; if possible, continue outside and drive to the first available lay-by, service area or parking space;
  • In case of drowsiness, stop at the first available lay-by, service area or parking space;
  • Limit mobile phone use while driving (always use loudspeaker or earphones), especially in heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions and in all situations that require special attention;
  • In the event of a punctured tyre or broken wheel, DO NOT STOP along the road; reach the first lay-by instead, even with a flat tyre or damaged rim: better to damage a tyre than to risk an accident;
  • While driving, do not search for objects in pockets, the glove compartment, bags, or, worse still, do not attempt to retrieve anything dropped on the floor of the car: STOP at the first lay-by;
  • Do not throw anything out of the window: it is not only forbidden, it is dangerous for the driver and those behind you. It also litters the roadway. There are dedicated rubbish bins to be used in each emergency lay-by;
  • Adjust your speed according to traffic, weather and visibility conditions.
Last update: 08/07/2024